Arc Compute closes latest investment round Open People’s Network & Supporters Fund

Arc Compute closes latest investment round Open People’s Network & Supporters Fund

Justin Ritchie, CEO Arc Compute Ltd. June 5th, 2021

Canadian cloud computing firm closes latest investment round in bid to create a sustainable future for GPU compute in modern cloud environments.

Arc Compute's head office in Toronto Canada.

Arc Compute is a cloud service provider whose mission is to build a sustainable future for GPU computing within the modern cloud environment. By engineering low level tools that manage complex multi-user GPU workloads, Arc Compute provides innovative technology that allows them to pass the savings on to the consumer.

“Arc Compute is revolutionizing the ways big business is accessing and using GPU to run and modify old and new data centers. With the massive growth in AI and enterprise, GPU computing is ripe for change and they are mainstreaming the GPU, making it more accessible to the SME’s."
says Jeffery Potvin, GP: Supporters Fund.

Typically, when a GPU cloud consumer is utilizing their provider’s GPU compute, the provider must either run single physical devices per user or instead use expensive multi-user sharing tools requiring both paid hypervisors and GPU vendor licensing agreements. Arc Compute has eliminated those paid hypervisors by creating its own.

GPU cloud has remained a very costly resource, generally costing the end user thousands of dollars per month supported by machine learning and crypto currency mining. These costs have left behind a variety of market segments who have been unable to keep up with hyper-inflationary trends.

“When we were using GPU compute from the big cloud providers, we found that for a single instance we were paying upwards of $10,000 per month,” says Justin Ritchie, CEO of Arc Compute. “That’s when we decided that we needed a better solution and found that we weren’t alone in this struggle."

On top of its efforts to recreate licensed technology, Arc Compute is innovating in the GPU cloud compute industry by offering clear fixed pricing. This helps customers with future growth and most importantly budgeting.

"Arc compute is a scalable environment with a focus on high touch customer service. With consistent customer service we have been able to deploy a sandbox environment that is customizable to research and teaching. In this market, a scalable, forward thinking architecture comes at a premium and I am truly impressed with how the team at Arc is positioned to make cloud more equitable."
Ali Hirji, PM and Faculty, Durham College, AI Hub and Centre for Cyber Innovation.

With it’s industry leading virtualization densities of (currently) up to sixteen virtual GPU’s per physical GPU, Arc Compute provides data centers with the ability to have less hardware without sacrificing their user densities, thus allowing for less power consumption and a better carbon foot print.

The company is currently scaling their efforts and looking to hire passionate technologists while expanding their infrastructure and quality assurance testing for a variety of hardware platforms in support of Arc Compute’s upcoming hypervisor product.

About Arc Compute:
Arc Compute is a Toronto based cloud provider that is simplifying GPU cloud computing so businesses can spend less time thinking about their costs and infrastructure, and spend more time creating software that changes the world. With low latency, and industry best fixed monthly costs, Arc Compute is making GPU for everyone.

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